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November 28, 2007 / davebirss

Is there something in the air?

I find it incredible how ideas come in clumps. How more than one agency comes up with a similar kind of creative hook (hopefully) independently. I noticed it again in the viral shortlist for this year’s Eurobest finalists. And this time the creative spin is choirs. Yes, choirs.


Firstly, there’s the Electrabel site from Proximity BBDO in Brussels. In this one managers get a Barber’s Shop quintet to sing a personalised song to their secretaries to tell them how wonderful they are on Belgium’s National Secretary Day. It’s very slick. You can see a film about it by clicking the image above.


And next we have a piece from Garbergs Reklambyra in Stockholm for untilities supplier, Telenor. This one is aimed at families who nag each other about little mundane daily gripes. Except, this time you can get one of 5 different choirs to sing the gripe and send it to your family member. Again, you can see the film by clicking on the image above.

These executions are clearly of a very high standard. Good enough to be shortlisted for the Eurobest awards, anyway. I wonder how many other choir executions there are that didn’t make it onto this list. Have you spotted any?

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