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November 26, 2007 / davebirss

goFAXyourself is dead

FAXRI found that there was a slight flaw in my goFAXyourself concept. It seems that technology is a bit too good and modern photocopiers don’t do that retro extreme black and white thing any more. Which means the printouts don’t work in a fax machine. And I was getting sent the occasional sheet of completely black paper. Bah! So I took the project round the back of the barn and put it out of my misery.

And then I created a bigger and better project called FAXR.

Yup. FAXR is a lot more web 2.0. Just look at the logo dammit! It’s like a 1980s version of YouTube where you can put your own stuff up for the world to see – only it’s black and white, doesn’t move and you have to do it by fax machine. This time you can fax ANYTHING on a single sheet of paper. So that means you can write, draw, print photos or do whatever takes your fancy.

Go and find your office fax machine, wipe the dust of the numeric keypad and dazzle the world with your creativity.

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