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October 26, 2007 / davebirss

Get your hands on some Bountee


During one of my occasional trips to Cool Hunting I found an interview with an old friend. Actually, he was more than just a friend – he was a business partner. And he was talking about our business. My friend’s name is Steve Hunt. And he’s one of he loveliest and most talented people I have ever met. Three years ago, we started up a T-shirt company. It was an online shop that would have made a nice profit if it wasn’t for regular cases of credit card fraud. However, we had a great model: we had very little risk because each t-shirt was printed to order. We didn’t have to invest in any stock and could change our product line as often as we wanted. This led to us evolving the idea to create the best online t-shirt shop in the world – Bountee. It makes it easy for anyone to create their own T-shirt shop and sell their wares to the world. In fact, my seven year old daughter has used it to start up her own T-shirt shop to sell shirts to her friends!

I’m sad to say that I’m no longer involved in Bountee because my life was just too hectic to give the project the time it needed. But I’m delighted to see that it’s doing so well. It deserves to because it’s a great idea. Well done Steve!

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