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October 24, 2007 / davebirss

A slight change of direction

Time for a U-turn

So I wrote my introductory post yesterday with my dreams and aims for this blog. And then on the way home I promptly changed my mind. So, if you’ve already read it, I apologise now for having wasted your time. I’ll try to make it up to you in sarcasm and false sincerity.

My thinking was like this: You know, there’s no harm in thinking big. Aside from the bitter disappointment and disillusionment that sets in when you don’t quite succeed. So I decided to aim high and set myself up for a cataclysmic fall with my new goal:

I want to use this blog to help me get better at my job. And maybe help some other people improve themselves at the same time.

Basically, I’m going to bring you some ‘how to’ guides that will force me to think a bit more about what I do. I’m also going to do some ‘how not to’ guides, some ‘I wish I’d done that’ posts, some ‘shoot me if I ever do that’ posts. And I’ll top it all off with some general observations, rants and downright bitchiness.

But the only way it will work properly – for both me and you – is if you comment on the stuff, disagree with me and offer your own wisdom. So what do you say? Are you in?

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